Don't Rest On Your Laurels: Why And How You Should Remove Camphor Laurels From Your Land

Cinnamomum camphora, commonly known as the camphor lauren, is a tall, stately and beautiful tree with green, glossy foliage and eye-catching pale bark. It has a long history of use around the world, both for its obvious ornamental properties and for the substance known as camphor that it creates, a chemical used in everything from explosives to Hindu religious ceremonies. Unfortunately, camphor laurel is also a dangerous invasive species, and has been classed as a noxious weed by the Australian government, to be uprooted and destroyed wherever possible. [Read More]

Benefits of using treated pine for your decking

Treated pine decking has become more popular due to its durability, safety and low costs. The science behind treated pine was as a result of trying to make decks long lasting safer and even more economic. While many people may prefer using cedar or redwood for their decks, using treated pine may give you the same benefits or even more. Treated pine is also a lot cheaper compared to other woods. [Read More]

Various Benefits of Tree Lopping

Most homeowners will concur that trees in their yard enhance the overall landscape. Thus, they not only make the compound look more aesthetically appealing, but they also increase the value of the home. However, all these advantages are lost if you have sickly looking tree on your residence. Generally, people will be wary of simply felling the tree in question, as it may seem like a rush decision. The good news is there are a few other alternatives you could consider before opting to cut  the tree down altogether. [Read More]

Tips for Effective and Safe Tree Lopping

Tree lopping should almost always be left to a professional from a tree removal company like Ashmere Tree Solutions, especially when doing more than just some simple trimming and when cutting down very large trees. However, if you must try this job on your own, you need to ensure you take the time to do it right. Note a few tips for effective and safe tree lopping on your own property. [Read More]