Two reasons why an arborist might recommend that you have your tree removed

There are several reasons why an arborist might recommend that you have your tree removed. Continue reading to learn more. The tree's roots have begun to grow under your shared fence and onto your neighbour's property If you have a tree that is located a few metres away from the fence that you share with your neighbour, you might think that there is no way that this tree could possibly damage your neighbour's property. [Read More]

Trees in Troubled Waters: Can Trees Survive Flooding?

Has your property and the surrounding area recently suffered flooding? If so, and if you have trees on your land, you are probably wondering whether your trees will survive or if you will need to hire a tree lopper. Although flooding does kill trees, many factors will decide the fate of your tree in the aftermath of a flood. If you are worried about your trees due to a recent flood occurring in your area, the following considerations will help you to decide how best to approach the issue. [Read More]

Four Signs that Your Tree is either sick or dead

Having dead trees on or near your property can cause deeper problems than just being an eyesore. For instance, dead tree branches may break off and fall, causing injuries and damages to property and if the cause of the death is disease, pests could spread to your property. As a property owner, you should identify sick and dying trees as early as possible and have them removed to avoid these eventualities. [Read More]

How to Prevent Tree Seedling Damage

Tree seedlings are so delicate that any mistake that is made during their handling can cause serious damage to those trees. This article discusses some precautions that inexperienced people should take when they buy tree seedlings at a nursery for the first time. Secure the Trees You should think about how you will secure your tree seedlings after loading them into your vehicle. Poorly secured tree seedlings can roll during transportation. [Read More]