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2 Reasons Why You Should Never Attempt DIY Tree Removal

The trees on your property can be some of your home's most valuable assets, especially when landscaping. But when those trees become diseased, dead or otherwise hazardous, removing them becomes a necessity. 

Although DIY tree removal may seem like an attractive option—saving you both time and money—the truth is that attempting this task on your own could be more trouble than it's worth. Here are two of the most important reasons why you should never attempt DIY tree removal.

Safety Concerns 

DIY tree removal can be extremely dangerous, even for an experienced tree cutter. Trees are unpredictable, and one wrong move can result in serious injury or even death. You could be exposed to various potential risks, such as falling limbs, unstable trees and hazardous debris.

And if you don't have the right tools and safety equipment to handle such a dangerous job, you may be putting yourself in even more danger. For instance, if you're cutting large branches and limbs without the right tools and safety gear, you could easily slip and experience a serious injury. If you're using a chainsaw, you could also be in danger of kickbacks that can cause severe lacerations.

To ensure your safety—and the safety of anyone else in the vicinity—it's best to leave tree removal to professionals equipped with the right tools and safety gear. They can also identify any potential risks associated with the job and take the necessary steps to eliminate them. 

For instance, they'll be able to identify if the tree is leaning or unstable and can either remove it piece-by-piece or use rigging to bring the tree down in one fell swoop.

Ultimately, it's better to err on the side of caution and leave a potentially hazardous task to the professionals.

Damage to Property

Attempting DIY tree removal can also cause expensive damage to your property. Trees become more and more unstable as they age and can cause extensive damage to your home if they're not cut down properly. 

Sometimes, the tree can even fall in the wrong direction and cause damage to your neighbour's property. Worse still, if you don't remove the tree correctly, it could cause further damage to your land as its roots and debris continue to accumulate. If these roots aren't removed properly, they could even start to grow again. And if they are in the way of your foundation, they could cause irreparable damage. 

Roots and stumps left behind can also be a breeding ground for pests since they are a great place for them to hide and feed. Insects, snakes, and other pests like to hide in the dark areas of the roots and trunk. If you don't remove these properly, you could end up with a much bigger pest problem than you started out with. 

To ensure that your tree removal job is done right and to avoid potential damage to your property, contact an expert to precisely remove the tree safely and efficiently, without any risk of damage to your property.

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