Branching Out: Keeping A Healthy Environment Through Tree Care

Do Basic Landscapers And Arborists Offer The Same Service?

Most homeowners believe that all gardening tasks can be handled by any basic tree expert, but this isn't true. Gardening involves a lot of varying jobs, and most of them can only be handled by a specific expert. For instance, arborists and basic tree trimmers don't offer the same service. Although both specialists are capable of trimming trees on both commercial and professional properties, an arborist can offer more advanced services. They protect and improve the health of the trees. This piece shares key details to help you understand and choose the right tree professional when the need arises.

Landscaping and tree knowledge

A basic tree trimmer or landscaper is more of a designer. They will work on your lawn to create a breathtaking visual design using plants and flowers. Their work is to ensure the project you assign turns out to be visually appealing. They can even transform a barren lawn into an exceptional place, and this differs from the job of arborists in many ways.

Arborists are tree biology experts who have been trained to maintain and protect tree health. They have a proper understanding of how plants grow and the most suitable climate for each tree. Moreover, they have been trained to identify tree diseases and different insects that hinder proper tree growth and offer appropriate treatment for the same. Tree trimmers usually lack formal training in tree health or biology and cannot even identify or treat tree insect infestations or diseases.

So, if you need an expert who can enhance the appearance of your lawn, you should choose a landscaper. But, if you suspect that there is a tree insect infestation or disease, you'll need someone who has knowledge, and that's an arborist.

Tree planting and care

If you require proper tree planting and pruning services, you can either hire a landscaper or an arborist. However, the quality of services you get will differ significantly. Often, a basic landscaper will plant the trees at improper depth or even choose the wrong plants for a certain area. They may also prune trees excessively, causing issues that will affect the tree's health. Arborists, on the other hand, understand tree biology, as well as plant selection, planting techniques and depths to pruning. Everything they do will stimulate tree growth and promote its health.

It would be best to assign simple tasks like soil aeration, watering and minor pruning tasks to landscapers. Arborists can handle more complicated tasks like tree selection and planting, pruning, tree removal and identifying health problems caused by diseases or insect infestation.