Branching Out: Keeping A Healthy Environment Through Tree Care

5 Reasons To Seek Pruning Services For Your Trees

If you have trees within your property, seeking pruning services from a company like Heritage Tree Care once in a while is important. Pruning allows you to maintain the growth of the trees as per your needs. This service, usually offered by a tree removal specialist, should be sought at least once a year for the following benefits:

Avoid damage or injury from falling branches

Over time, trees develop dead branches that can fall away from the main stem at any time. These dead branches come about due to the development of other branches higher up the stem as the tree grows taller. Unfortunately, these dead branches can cause damage to your property or anyone under the tree. Their removal during a pruning service, therefore, helps to avert such risks.

Prevent tree leaves from accumulating on your roof or pool

Trees are also notorious for dropping leaves all over the place, especially during autumn. Although you cannot keep the trees from doing so, you can control where the leaves fall. This is done by pruning branches that are above certain areas such as the roof and the swimming pool. This reduces the amount of work needed to clean up after the mess, thus making your work much easier.

Clear electricity lines from obstruction

Tree branches can also pose a risk to electricity lines passing along your fence. This is yet another important reason why tree pruning should be carried out annually. During the process, a tree removal specialist will remove the branches causing obstruction and thereby help avert the risk of electrical failure or an electrical fire.

Improve visibility and light penetration

Some trees, especially those with thick leaves, can cast a shade and block great views around your property. This can be inconveniencing if you like to spend time outdoors basking under the sun or enjoying some time in the pool. Also, if you have a garden, you'll want to ensure that the plants are getting as much sun as is needed. Pruning selectively allows the obstructing leaves and branches to be removed, thus allowing your property to get a generous amount of light and clear views of the outside.

Tree shaping

Lastly, you can have your tree pruned in an effort to shape it. Trees can be shaped for several different reasons. One reason is aesthetics. This is where the tree branches are clipped at the ends or the lower branches removed to create a canopy look. Tree shaping can also be carried out to control the development of the tree. Here, errant branches are removed to allow the tree to grow upwards or in any other desired direction.

Haven't had your trees pruned yet? Call a tree removal company and ask for a quote.