Branching Out: Keeping A Healthy Environment Through Tree Care

Questions to Ask About Tree Removal, Lopping, and Other Such Services

Removing a tree from your property can keep you safe, as well as reduce the risk of damage to a garage, your home, and even your car. A branch that hangs over these things and which then splits and breaks can easily cause thousands of dollars in property damage, and unfortunately, trees can sometimes be so diseased or damaged that they need to be removed rather than just trimmed. When you're ready to call for tree removal or lopping or any other service on your property, note a few questions you might want to consider asking the tree service.

1. Ask how your property will be protected during their work

If your tree needs trimming or lopping, a tree removal service may ask you to move your vehicle and may also need added clearance to tie down the branch that will be trimmed. They may also cover your flowerbeds and other landscaping features so they aren't damaged by smaller branches that get trimmed or the dust that is created. If the service will be removing the tree, they may cover over the area surrounding the tree so that the ground will not be disturbed or there will be as little disturbance as possible. 

2. Ask if hazard assessment is included in their service

If you haven't decided on having a tree removed, a removal service may offer hazard assessment. This involves inspecting the tree for the real extent of the damage and noting how likely it is that the tree may fall or branches may snap off. Their hazard assessment may mean cutting into the tree to see if it's infested with insects and, if so, whether or not it can be treated and salvaged. An assessment may also tell you if a branch is likely to break off or can simply be lopped and trimmed to reduce its size and weight. Be sure you ask about hazard assessment before you assume that a tree should simply be cut or assume that a branch can be trimmed.

3. Ask what they do with cut wood

If you're very eco-conscious, you want to ensure that any wood that is cut from your tree or a tree that is removed is recycled where possible. Some diseased trees may not be recycled because of the disease or infestation, but often, trimmed pieces and even woodchips can be reused and recycled. Don't hesitate to ask what a removal service does with trimmed wood once they've completed their service.

Keep these questions in mind as you contact local tree removal services, and you'll be able to make the right decision concerning the trees in your landscape.