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Benefits of using treated pine for your decking

Treated pine decking has become more popular due to its durability, safety and low costs. The science behind treated pine was as a result of trying to make decks long lasting safer and even more economic. While many people may prefer using cedar or redwood for their decks, using treated pine may give you the same benefits or even more. Treated pine is also a lot cheaper compared to other woods. Listed below are some benefits of treated pine decking.

Cost and Durability

A treated pine wood decking is cost effective. It also guarantees you a promising performance over the years. While IPE wood might be marginally better than treated pine, they are at per when it comes to durability. If you are working on a tight budget, treated pine could prove to be a good investment for you while at the same time giving you satisfactory results as would have other expensive options.


Another great benefit that comes with using treated pine for your decking is that, it is maintenance free. Before, untreated pine wood was very vulnerable to invasion by insects as well as fungal infection. Untreated pine wood also absorbs moisture, causing self-inflicted damage after usage over few years.

However, this is no longer a problem with treated pine decking. Treatment of the wood with preservatives have left no chance for fungal infection, thus increasing the life of your deck. Treated pine decks are absolutely maintenance free while at the same time serving you for a longer period of time.


In comparison to plastic, treated pine is durable and at least four times stronger. Also, when a treated pine deck is subjected to sunlight for a long period of time it will absorb very less heat and stay quite cool. As a result, a treated pine deck is very comfortable under your feet even under burning sunlight.

Earth friendly

After long usage, you might want to dispose your old treated pine deck for a new one. Treated pine is very eco-friendly as it does not pollute the environment through deposited waste materials. If you consider burning your old treated pine deck, it gives out less energy and carbon dioxide making it very earth friendly.

Treated pine wood is readily available at a very affordable price compared to other woods of the same class. In the event that you need a new deck, using treated pine wood may prove to be of great benefit and hence it's worth your investment.